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Hey guys,

I want to ask if the Venerable Mass of McGowan is good for a Rogue, and also if the Balanced Heart Seeker, Sentinel's Blade or Wicked Dagger is better than the Venerable Mass of McGowan… I already have Venerable Mass of McGowan and isn't available for return anymore, so my second heirloom weapon should be? You decide! BTW, if you think Venerable Mass of McGowan isn't good for a Rogue, please give a reason, PLEASE DON'T DISLIKE THEM… I THINK THEY LOOK EXOTIC!
This hasn't been updated in a while, but it's probably still good, at least for Starter Edition weapons. It says your weapon is fine. Apparently your offhand should be Sharpened Scarlet Kris or Doomspike.

Because the Venerable Mass is not a dagger, you can't use Backstab and you use the lower damage bracket for Hemorrhage. However, every other ability that scales off of mainhand base damage is going to be better, so for example your Sinister Strikes are going to be pretty impressive. I'd say it's an interesting tradeoff and worth trying out.
Don't rogues prefer faster weapons? Venerable Mass is a fairly slow weapon which would make it good for shamans but not great for rogues.

All that may not really matter at level 20 - it's probably still a pretty good weapon at your level.
I assume Venerable Mass would be for speccing Combat, but what I know about PvP at that level wouldn't even fill a thimble.
If you're leveling as a combat spec, the mace is better. For PvP at that level you should probably be Sub with a pair of dagger.
If my off hand weapon is Venerable Mass of McGowan, and my Main hand weapon is also Venerable Mass of McGowan or Venerable Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge is it still good for PVP?U say Sub Rogues are good with daggers right? But would I be stronger with 2 Wicked dagger/Sharpened Scarlet Kris/ Balanced Heart Seeker/ Doomspike or 2 Venerable Mass of McGowan/ Venerable Dal'Rends Sacred Charge? Sorry if it's confusing...
Whichever combo grants you the highest damage number while getting you the biggest total agility bonus.
Dual wield Wicked Dagger, the mace is for enhancement shamans, windwalk monks and combat rogues. The +4 crit equals to +1.24% crit chance @level 20
Sharpened Scarlet Kris would only improve your defense a bit at cost of damage. Not worth for a rogue imo.
But I suppose the Venerable Mass of McGowan is still pretty powerful for a Rogue right? What should I get for My Off HAND WEAPON IF MY main hand is The Mace?
02/26/2013 12:19 AMPosted by Øverwhelm
But I suppose the Venerable Mass of McGowan is still pretty powerful for a Rogue right? What should I get for My Off HAND WEAPON IF MY main hand is The Mace?

If you're Subtlety or Assassination spec: dual wield Wicked Dagger like you were already told. Maces are bad for those two specs.

If you're Combat spec, do whatever you want with the mace. Combat isn't picky about weapons.

In reality, you're at the bottom of a baby bracket on a trial account. Nothing you do between weapons will really make that much of a difference. Don't dwell on it and just play the game.
Wouldn't a heirloom dagger be good for off hand?
Wouldn't a heirloom dagger be good for off hand?

Yes, yes it would. Which is why that's what the OP was told to get 6 MONTHS ago when he was trying to choose which heirlooms to get.

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