Weapons Question (2/24/13)

Where can I find information on weapons for warriors? I didn't read the rewards thing careful because I was tired and picked a two handed sword and didn't pay attention to the other rewards for one quest. When your character has a sword in each hand what are those swords called? Which is better having a sword in each hand or a sword and shield?
Ok well a quick rundown of the warrior specialisations and the weapons they use are as follows.

Arms - Master of 2h weaponry, you use a 2handed sword, mace, axe or polearm to deal damage. This is a DPS role.

Fury - Dual wielding berserker who focuses on using a weapon in each hand to deal maximum damage, depending on which subspec you have the better weapons for you can equip 2x 1h swords/axes/maces or 2x 2h swords/axes/maces. Although the subspecs come as a passive at level 38 that's automatically learned. This is a DPS role.

Protection - Protects their allies by keeping agro off them by using a one handed weapon and a shield. This is a tanking role.

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