[H]10 <Protect The Lumber> 11/13H LF2M ASAP

Currently we are 11/13H and we need 1 DPS preferably ranged but willing to do melee if you are good enough/geared enough and also 1 dps/healer swing preferably Shadow/disc or ele/resto but we would also consider other hybrid roles depending on skill level. We just recently downed DA and two of our veteran members have to quit for real life on the 25th of June so we need at least 1 exceptional player to round out our roster for Lei Shen/ Ra-den. On the 19th of June we were able to get Lei Shen to 32% on our 5th pull. We can get this and Ra-Den quickly to round off this tier. If you are confident that you can fill the position please contact me ASAP please feel free to contact me with my battletag Markiavelli#1171 or any of the following officers Ptlchansey Ptlsuduwoodo or Crabnasty.

Protect The Lumber is a variety of different personalities that have a like minded goal of solid progression. Most of us have long standing friendships. We were all part of a 25man alliance guild on Doomhammer (minus 1 person) we recently parted ways with them to form a core 10. So this came with its own challenges such as re-gearing however at this time we are all caught up and ready to push 5.2 really hard and show Mal'Ganis that we are here to make a name for ourselves. Currently our core 10 is 8/16 heroic (Tier 14) and 4/13 (Tier 15) most of us have been 11/16hm. We have a fun and light environment when we raid however we are very serious when it comes to pushing bosses. We expect our core to respect one another and share the common goal of full clears with high rankings.

Raid Schedule:
Tue: 745pm-11pm (est)
Wed: 745pm-11pm (est)
Thur: 745pm-11pm (est)
We are looking to add a total of 3 hours come 5.2 we are currently working out where those will fit in.

What we are looking for at the moment:

We are currently looking for an exceptional DPS preferably ranged. Currently our roster is as follows -- Tanks (Warrior, Death Knight) Dps ( Ele, Shadow, Destro, Rogue, And DK) Healers (HolyPala Rdruid) ideally we do not double up on these classes and keep a decent balance in tokens. However we are always looking for exceptional players and if that means doubling up on a class we can work with that.

Our Expectations:
-We expect a high caliber of player.
- We expect a long-term commitment to our team. You should show up on time have mats on hand if needed.
- We expect a player that can show a mutual respect for the group of people he or she has decided to commit to progression with.
-We expect you to be able to listen to instruction however this is a guild structured around democracy. we value all of our raiders opinions and love to hear them just not during attempts.
- We would appreciate if you enjoy being a part of what has great potential in the 10man raiding scene of Mal'Ganis show up fired up and just embrace that 10 very different people from all over want to show up and get things done. I want to see passionate raiders.

For more information contact one of the following players via in game mail or whispers:
Ptlelekid, Ptlgengar, or Ptlmunchlax (my battletag = Markiavelli#1171 )
Currently we are working on a guild website but for the time being we stay in touch via Skype and texting.
Bumping for visability
Oh hai!
you fcking nerds came to malganis too?

also: was worried that this was a copy of the old ptl, am happy to see otherwise

Oh haha whattup sanit and nah a bunch of us made a PvE team got a few pvpers coming back aswell glad to see you still be steady lurkin on the fourms :)

yea i get around a bit. might have to make a new account and level something up to !@#$ around with you guys. shoot me a skype request at some point

2/12 more to come soon
3/12 :)
501 Rogue, 13/16 HM T14 - 5/12N T15. I have the kills on my warrior: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Desiraez/simple

11/12 bump 3 bosses 3 hours
12/12 gratz PTL. Lei Shen was an awesome quick kill
grats on full clear
No need for a Warlock?
@Felony Thanks
@Zagam not atm
bump 1/13 Heroic :D

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