HPally: How to heal Tsulong? Help.

So my guild just hit Tsulong on normal... and well, I thought this would be a fight that pallys would just destroy the competition. Well, that wasn't the case. Our Hpally was basically outhealed by double on some attempts and by well over half of their healing on all attempts.

I have logs, but would like to get an understanding of what you would typically do for healing the encounter in Day Phase. I know nothing about healing, so I come here for some helpful advice. Thanks.

During day phase make sure the paladin is in front of Tsulong for the healing breath buff. Make sure the paladin is building a full stack of HoPo for the breath bursts too.

For the first breath, have the paladin pop GoAK + AW and have a DL queued to land immediately after the breath. Pop ES and drop a 3 stack EF, and if you proc DP, toss another one. Once the breath buff wears off do not reapply EF until the next breath or you overwrite a super powered HoT. For the second breath pop DF and do the same thing. Rinse and repeat for each breath and day phase. Should easily be able to pull 100-130k HPS.

If your raid has healing buffs try and line up the healing CDs and the healers CDs.

It also helps to beacon Tsulong in case your paladin needs to do any raid healing outside the buff phase.

Edit: It really looks like your paladin is casting nothing while they have the healing buff up. Their heals are hitting for insanely little if they are casting with the buff up.
Looking over the logs, it looks like she wasnt active healing at all. Once again, I usually dont look at the healing side of logs. This is the first time healing has really been an apparent issue.

What is the primary healing spell used in this phase outside of CDs and Hots? Would it be DL?

Looking over our log at the only attempt we got 2 Day Phases, if I'm reading this correctly, our Hpally healed Tsulong with:

Eternal Flames x10
Beacon of Light x77 (I'm sure this is flawed since the healing given was so little through BoL)
Divine Light x10
Holy Shock x6
Illuminated Healing x9
Light of Ancient Kings x5
Holy Light x5

These numbers seem very small as far as usage for 2 Day Phases. I mean, they would seem small even for 1 Day Phase IMO
More help would be appreciated. Thanks
I would say it's "back to basics" on this one. She needs a better understanding of the mechanics and EXACTLY how they work.

She simply isn't taking advantage of the buff.

IMO, there are THREE extremely important things she needs to do at the minimum:

When a breath goes out. . .
1) Instantly cast a 3HoPo Eternal Flame on Tsulong
2) Followed by casting Execution Sentence on Tsulong
3) DO NOT RECAST Eternal Flame on Tsulong until the next breath comes
*then I would suggest just spamming FoL until the buff has clearly worn off - this isn't ideal but it would be a vast improvement.

I would say start with that and work from there. Definitely try and get her to understand that she has to "put the pedal to the metal" for 6 seconds - no holding back, no excuses, no concern for mana.

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