<The Thirteenth Cohort> Forged in Ice.

Moon Guard
*Posted in all Alliance Cities, Settlements, and Outposts*

Brave sons and daughters of the Alliance, the Thirteenth Cohort of the Seventh Legion wants you! Are you a brave stalwart son or daughter of the Alliance seeking to serve the greater good of the Alliance through the strength of your arm and skill in the field? Are you a skilled laborer looking to use your trade to better the Alliance and all of Azeroth? Join the Thirteenth Cohort! This is your Alliance, stand with it against all who would threaten the peace and safety of your Alliance! Protect your homes and families, protect your land and wealth, protect the Alliance! Let us strike first, let our enemies see our blows last!

We are the Thirteenth Cohort of the Seventh Legion, and we will stand as the shied wall against all who would threaten all that we hold dear on this good world!

<The Thirteenth Cohort> is a new Alliance military guild, and I know the word new makes some people shy away. I assure you though with your help we can make it a guild that is fun to be in and active! There is always room for aggressive expansion, and frankly I like the thought of the challenge of being a new guild. A lot of the older guilds are bigger, and more active right now so it does make it intimidating to be part of something new, especially because of guild perks. Well, join something new, put your hand to the task of getting the perks, and who knows maybe we can all have some fun along the way!

Some things you should know:

Starting out we are a military guild, which does mean uniforms which are being worked out. Just know that at this point there is room for a lot of realistic (non-tier, seasonal, or truly epic looking gear) wiggle room and there may end up being a lot of freedom as far as uniform goes in the long run! Though looking distinctly Alliance helps, naturally.

All classes accepted.

Level 10 for normal classes, level 60 for Death Knight’s.

Combat emote training will be a large part of being in the guild.

We are not a police force so do not expect to roam Stormwind all the time arresting people.

It’s a game, we’re all here to have fun!
Are you going to be taking part in any story-lines concerning Gilneas, seeing as the 7th Legion was deployed there?
Likely we will do many things concerning 7th Legion deployment points, including Dragonblight, Silithus, and Gilneas. As well as taking part in none game dictated operations. I have a lot of ideas that are whirling around my brain for possibilities at the moment. Just looking for some folks to help me get her off the ground.
Rank structure is as follows.

Officer Staff
Enlisted Staff
Civilian Worker

There is also another rank, but that won't be used until I figure out how to fully incorporate that aspect of the guild into everything. If you are interested check us out! Look for me in game or whisper me for recruitment!
Also there is the OOC/Alt rank naturally.
Quel'Athillien will send you blankets. You look cold.
Nope, we get plus five in stats from the cold.
And we are on our way!
We will be adding the Military Apprentice rank, this is for people who have served as an officer in other places or NCO's natually. Being a military apprentice will allow you to bypass the enlisted ranks and move straight into a staff position after you have shown your capabilities.
That new guild smell.
<wrings hands together maniacally>

Yes... Yes... More servants to do the church's bidding...

Not exactly there Moorwhelp. The Thirteenth welcomes all, so we can't really support an offical religion to fall over all of our soldiers or craftsmen.
For the Alliance!
03/01/2013 07:06 AMPosted by Levimorne
Not exactly there Moorwhelp. The Thirteenth welcomes all, so we can't really support an offical religion to fall over all of our soldiers or craftsmen.

Don't tell him that. Backpedal! BACKPEDAL!
Meh, he can call me a heritic all he wants. He does anyway. I'm immune.
Still making our way through!
Recruitment drives have been at least somewhat successful, our name is certainly getting out there! Stay tuned!
Good morning ladies and gentlemen. What a lovely morning, seems that spring is finally coming.
Insert some inspirational speech here. And then feel inspired!

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