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In the world of Azeroth, demons run freely. The heroes of Azeroth have vanquished the Illidari and critically hurt the Burning Legion, but there is something darker. In the towns everywhere, there is a demon who posesses a soul. He takes their body and moves around in it. He could of walked in his pure form, but the guards would of banished him. When an unsuspecting victim is alone, then the demon strikes. The demon either enslaves the victim or kills him/her. This is similar to the Murder Mystery RP, but different. If there is a Demon RP, the host needs to whisper the person who will become the demon. Anyway, here are the roles, and their meanings: Guard: Protects the citizens and the mayor and mayor's daughter/son with his/her life. Can have any weapon. Must roll for guard captain. Blue. Citizen: Walks about, fearful of the demon. Cannot carry weapon excluding dagger/misc items (Roses, food, etc). Green. Mayor: The mayor of the town, tells citizens what to do/commands guards. May carry dagger/misc items. Red Merchant: Sells items to all. May carry dagger/misc. Purple: Innkeeper. (Roll for Innkeeper) You feed the citizens and sell them rooms. May carry dagger/misc. SPECIAL ROLES: Gravedigger: Digs the graves of fallen souls, and may speak to the dead. May carry dagger/misc. Skull. Elder: The wise one. Consult him for questions and he will answer them. May carry dagger/misc. Mayor's daughter/son. You are the world to the Mayor. The guards protect you with their lives, along with the mayor. Demon: The scourge of the town. Only one that kills. Tries to fit in with the town. Can enslave others or kill them. Must roll for this role. RULES: You cannot troll, metagame, or ERP. Only the demon kills. If you are killed and the demon has not killed you, then pst me and I will kick the person who is not the demon that killed you. When you are assistant in recruiting, you cannot RW. If you do that 3 times, you'll be kicked. MAYOR RULES: You can make laws, but you can't make laws that are OOC. You also can make a curfew, and cannot order the guards to kill the civis for no reason. You must have a trial before you can execute/arrest. You are the judge if there is a trial, you cannot pass it to someone else. Only the guard captain is your assistant in trials. GUARD RULES: You cannot arrest/kill for no reason. You have weapons to defend and use against the demon/slaves. Just because you are a guard doesn't mean you get better meals and prices at the inn.
EDIT: All roles can marry, and love, including the demon.
The Blood Shinobi arrive at the village. They don't burn it down.
03/01/2013 05:45 PMPosted by Bloodshinobi
The Blood Shinobi arrive at the village. They don't burn it down.

Why not?
Wall of text crits. Every reader dies.
The Blood Shinobi think about it. They decide to burn it down.
I left them with my friend Bloodsamurai :P

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