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Death Knight
I've been noticing some things that seem out of sync with the rest of the community with the way I dps, and I have had a couple of odd experiences lately that I would like some feedback on.

First - what reasons could there be for another frost dk with an item level 9 levels lower than mine to have more strength and attack power? Do I have something terribly wrong with my setup or are their jc gems really that much of a bonus?

Second - I've tried using the masterfrost priority system and find it to be a big dps loss for me while dual wielding compared to basically using a 2h priority system (with the exception of focusing killing machine procs on frost strike) - in other words, i obliterate a lot, which builds a lot of runic power and use a lot of frost strikes, and howling blast basically as a filler or when Rime procs. I don't feel like I'm really hitting the dps I should be at my item level, at least single target, but when I go to the traditional dw priority it drops by around 10 - 15K.

I absolutely never use D&D in a single target situation, and when I tried weaving that in it was a disaster. I'm just curious if I'm misunderstanding something or doing something wrong. Any feedback would be appreciated.

We're raiding tonight, so I'll post some actual numbers from bosses after that.
World of logs and that other dk's armory links please.

I absolutely never use D&D in a single target situation, and when I tried weaving that in it was a disaster.

Just throw one out everytime both of your unholy runes are up.
I don't want to offend you, but are you a clicker? I know some clickers can play any class in the game (PvE) at a competitive level and on par with people who use key binds, but seeing as how fast passed DW frost actually is that could be a contributing factor. As for DnD, a DnD + 1 howling blast = 1 frost 1 unholy, right? I mean, idealy you want to use that unholy and have the other unholy up or coming off of cooldown as you're using the 2nd unholy rune if that makes any sense...You want to use obliterate if you cant DnD + HB, if you have killing machine + unholy rune and not enough RP to FS (debatable), but other than that, howling blast/dnd > obliterate for use of other unholy rune.

There's the other dk's armory

Unfortunately I've never uploaded anything to world of logs, just used it to look at other dks damage sources on specific fights. I'll see if I can figure it out and try to upload something to it tonight though.

How much mastery is needed to really make the masterfrost viable, btw? I'm wondering if this could be the issue.
The other DK has more str than you most likely because he is using 2 static strength trinkets, while 1 of yours is static haste with a strength proc. So on paper while not in combat he'll have more str.
We (or at least I do) really need to see you on some WoL links to see what you're doing wrong.

Here's a guide on how to set it up
My gut feeling is it's because you are blending the two sub specs together. Gemming for mastery/using one handed weapons, but using the haste/2h priority system. I'd suggest finding a 2H weapon, gemming towards haste, and go from there. I'm with you, not really a fan of the "masterfrost" play style, though I would love to dual wield again

ok, here's a log of a quick lfr I just ran to get some data. I was trying the recommended dw priority here.
Is haste really the bad for 2H? I stack haste/mastery and find myself doing great dps. I argue with a buddy on mast/crit or mast/haste.

... not excellent, but great.

edit: i am doing mast/crit now to see how the difference feels.

edit2: woah, you definitely outgear him.
2h you want haste>crit(haste for more runes for more obils, crit to make those obils better as you dont have as many KM procs as 2h) with mastery being dead last as FS is not your main source of damage.

DW mastery > haste, more mastery means more FS damage which is your main source of damage, you simply want haste over crit because you have so many KM procs that crit is seriously devauled.

Gemming and reforging properly for these stats should give you a significant boost, he is beating you because you haven't optimized your gear
Think I may have caused some confusion logging in and out switching between 2h and dw to run some sims - I'm reforged and gemmed for dw, which is how I raid. Please let me know if I'm not properly done for that - I'm using Mr. Robot as a guide here, and I'm optimized for dual wield according to that.
Looking at your logs, on Will of the Emp your Obliterate averaged 50k non-crit (I'm ignoring crits because any KM procs going to these is wasted dps) and so does your howling blast. Unless you are getting absurdly lucky with rime procs then anything you spend the howling blast + UH rune on will be a boost.

Also, your higher ilvl weapon needs to be in your main hand. Hard to tell anything else with a very limited log sample, and it being LFR at that.

Edit: Those three fight parse arent particularly helpful anyway. Damage on elegon is largely going to be connected to the raid killing sparks right, Will of the Emp damage tends to be based on doing the dance right or wrong, and on spirit kings you have almost 3 million friendly fire damage fluffing your numbers.
Judging via Spirit Kings

Even as DW, your disease uptime seems low.
You could do with more Soul Reaper.
How often are you Frost Striking?

Also; are you comfortable with DW? You don't have to play it if you prefer 2h.

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