[H] <Fever> Looking to recruit core healer

<Fever> Is a horde guild filled with a group of seasoned raiders looking to progress through throne of thunder as one of the firsts on the server. The guild was just reformed and has previous experience of being the second on server to down Ragnaros.

What we need:

-Monk Healer/Resto Shammy/Resto Druid

This player needs to have 100% competence in all of the raids he/she attends. They will be expected to perform boss mechanics to perfection in order to progress through the raids as fast as possible.

This is not a long post seeing as how we only need one healer at the moment. If there are any more questions or concerns please reply to the thread or message someone in game. Ask any of the players in <Fever> and they will happily direct you to an officer or someone who will assess the recruitment circumstances.
What days/times do u guys raid?

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