<Ultimate> Level 25 Alliance 25m Guild LFM

Ultimate is a 25 man Sargeras Alliance guild that raids Tuesday and Thursday from 10pm-1am server time. We are recruiting loyal and dedicated individuals who plan on staying with the guild for a long period of time. (75% of the members have been together since vanilla and BC). After our 4th week of raiding we are 8/16. The only set back is gear, as most of us recently came back from a long break. Members originate from guilds such as Imperial Order, Lux Aeterna, Nexus, and Aeternus Censura. PVP and old school raids are done during off time. For a very friendly and accepting environment please contact Jam, Kagny, Gwenika, Zarockee, or Ara for more information. Item level or experience does not matter as we only care about loyalty and consistancy. We plan to push hard and be competitive for patch 5.2. Casuals are welcome as well, all classes needed.

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