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I am looking for someone who is willing to recruit me. Once I have found someone willing to recruit me, i will reply to this post and edit the title "[Found] Raf".
You need to be available between 6am and 9pm everyday and you must be willing to level a monk, so we both get bonus experience everyday.

I am paying for a new account and you will get the free game time and the mount. However I will not get game time unless we reach level75 with in 30 days

How do you get in contact with me?
Please may you send me mail to Vipero on Aman'thul with information about when your available, for example "Hi Vipero during the week I usually play about 2 hours a day because i work/study and i play almost all weekend" This way I can decide who to pick and reply(possibly with my email address if your lucky) so we can get started.

If you don't know when your available and your only on wow for 1 hour or less a day, please don't send mail to me, I will not be interested.
You can get a lvl 80 toon in two days played I've just done raf got 88 85 72 and this guy in about 3 weeks (not played) you have to be willing to pay for mounts bags boa's and some people ask for 2 profs max levelled I got ripped off
sent a request
I am looking for an RAF partner as well.

I either will create a new account and get the battlechest then xfer my toons to the account I am using now (yes you can do that), or I will use this account and offer to whoever is interested, the battlechest (vanilla, bc, wrath and 1 free month) as well as gold for mounts, riding, gear upgrades etc.

My battletag is ChaoticTech#1882 and I play on Thrall (Horde US).

I am on A LOT and I would like to have at least 5-6 lvl 80's, that's all I am asking for.

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