[A] SIlent but Dastardly, 10M {ReRoll guild}

<Silent but Dastardly>
Reroll, Semi-Casual Progression




Alliance, Proudmoore, PvE; PST

Raid Times

TBD; No sooner then 8PM server time.


Primary: Future Raiders

Also accepted:
    Alt. Raiders

The Blah, Blah

Looking for that fresh start or just returning to WoW? <Silent but Dastardly> is looking for you! A recent start-up on the Proudmoore server is looking to fill its ranks with individuals looking to create an enjoyable atmosphere.

Whether you are looking to do progression raiding or just want a guild to hang out with while you do your own thing, <Silent but Dastardly> welcomes you!

With that said, half of the enjoyment of raiding is not wiping every encounter and lacking progression. We will strive to excel at PvE progression during the periods of time where we do it but in a laidback and frustration environment.

So, if this sounds like something you would enjoy then jump over to the forums and leave an application or message any member in-game, they will point you in the direction of one of the officers!


18+, Mumble required for raiding.



Currently recruiting all classes. { Apply on Website. }

[ LGBT Friendly ]
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We are still actively recruiting! Come Join us!

Wanting to be an officer? Check out the forums!
So, not to toot our own horn. But we're awesome. And we want you to come be awesome with us. K? K.
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So there was this one time when we were a baby guild. We were recruiting members. And that time is now.
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