[H - Mal'Ganis] <Keine Neuen> 10m and 25m

1. Realm: Mal'Ganis - US, PvP
Faction: Horde
Guild Level: 25
Guild Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/guild/malganis/Keine_Neuen/
Guild Website: http://www.keineneuen.com
Loot System: Public zero-sum DKP system (details: http://www.keineneuen.com/index.php/forum/7-public-policies-and-general-info/62-how-does-our-loot-system-work)
Raiding Schedule: Tuesday – Thursday: 8PM – 11PM CST
Current Progression: 10/16 Pandaria

Keine Neuen is a Level 25 Horde guild that was formed on Mal'Ganis server in September of 2007 as a progression guild focused on recruiting a mature and laid back raiding base. While progression and completion of all raiding content is the ultimate goal of the guild, a tension-free atmosphere is maintained at all times, and is just as important to the success of the guild. We value players who fit with this guild on a social level as well as on a raiding skill level. As a guild that is filled mostly with college students and working adults, we have a 21+ only policy. We do the best with the time we have, and this is a major part of our raiding philosophy - for us it's all about quality over quantity. We maintain a civil, respectful, mature, and bigotry-free environment, and we will not tolerate those who help create an antagonistic or negative atmosphere. If you like what you have read so far, we would like to hear from you.

We'd like to get to 25man raiding, but until we get the numbers for that, we'll be doing 10mans.

For 10mans:
We are currently recruiting 1 tank, 1 or 2 healers, and 3 or so DPS (not Mage, Warrior or Shaman)

For 25mans:
We are currently recruiting everything

►How To Apply:
Please follow the link to our recruitment forum http://www.keineneuen.com/index.php/forum/46-recruitment-information-and-applications and post your application following the format in stickied “Application Information” post. WE ALWAYS READ EVERY SINGLE APP!!! Private applications can be emailed to applications@keineneuen.com. If you would like to chat with an officer first, tell any of the above or /who keineneuen and ask to be pointed to an officer or a deputy.

►More About Keine Neuen:
We have a tight core of players who have stuck with the guild throughout BC all the way through Cata, but we are also very welcoming to new recruits. We try our best to acclimate new players in a way that makes them feel that they have found a potential new raiding home, in a raiding environment that may not be typical to most raiding guilds. We all get along very well with each other. After all, raiding is far more enjoyable when the raid team is able to joke around together, focus together, wipe together, and scream over vent together when downing new bosses or completing new achievements.

The ideal candidate will read the following and think "ZOMG…that sounds perfect!":
We could really use a pally!
Come and sign up!
We need more people!
Join up!
Come raid with us!
Donuts anyone?
If there are, we'll all be dead!
Come raid with a great group of people! we love kicking !@# and so do yoU!
Join up! We need talented raiders!
Join us for raids!
Join us!
Come raid with us!
raid with us!
or PIE?
5.2 is coming, join up soon!
Join up!
Still recruiting. Could use Paladins, Druids, Monks, especially, but everyone apply!

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