Rate the transmog above you!

Ussil isn't mogged so I'll rate Bionix. 9/10 nicely matching but the eyepatch is a bit off.
God forbid I only have 4 items mogged, did you even look at the armory? You even have BOTH of your eyes.

You have an unmogged piece so I wont rate you.
@jadelantern 9/10 i like the set and weapon and shield go nicely couldn't find red belt though?

@ussil 6/10 need new sword and board to match it otherwise it's ok
I love it Cezar.

10/10. Those pants are really nice. I need to get those since I think they match better than mine.
rawr 9/10
I just farm again my s7.5 for good memories. also 8/10 raw.
@ Cezar 7/10
@Iampwetty 8/10, set is nice but the weapon doesn't really match.
10/10 i just like the armor. there are a ton of better swords you could use for that tmog
8/10. +1 pt for not using the helm from that set. so 9/10. nice axe
Sup guys? Rate my paladin please and thank you!
@Dkvaluemenu: 8/10. Would be 6/10, but your name and cleverness being a dk is a nice combination. I'd suggest a different tabard and weapon xmog, that sword leaves a bit to be desired =/
transmg is great the mix of pieces really looks good and the sword looks great
Why would you post on a tmog rate when
  • It's a year old.
  • There's one that's currently being used.
  • 7/10 Zenal

    I like how you the matched tarbard with the armor, sword looks good though I wish that model was a little larger

    I'm still looking for a good one hander wep to match this shield, have thought about either Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flight or Blade of Wizardry.

    Now, if only they would allow us to xmog Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker lol
    9/10 Judgementts

    I'm normally not a fan of helms but you pull it off really well. I see you and almost think you're a death knight because you are dark and evil looking. Definitely one pally that I'd stay away from :)

    The only thing I haven't transmogged is my weapon...1. I haven't found a good transmog and 2. I'm aware my current wep sucks :P

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