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No it wont. Historically home equity is going up but with the increase in gas prices(which is only going to get worse). All suburbia homes which a large number of the population live in currently will become not worth it.

Being said a large number of peoples homes will become near worthless in due time.
How can you justify the increase of gas prices causing the value of homes to go down?

And gas should be going back down after the winter.
First post has disappeared lol
Gas always goes up in summer.... know your commodities...
True, but due to an outstanding number of storms I can imagine our ability to obtain raw oil has diminished substantially.
What is this I don't even
You know a new technology came out a few years back for deep earth drilling allowing oil companies to reach crude oil deposits they couldn't before. And President Obama allowed a bill for off shore drilling, which was halted by that massacre in the gulf of mexico. To sum it up gas prices have lowered after some odd years and its soon to stabilize especially with the housing market.

The housing market is getting substantially better. Anyone who knows about the 1945 housing investment act proposed by President Harry S. Truman knows whats currently happening but in a very different manor. As a self employed contractor whos been out of work in my local area has recently seen the difference. Also as a Bank of America (BAC) investor have read what necessary step they're taking.

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