weak auras (hammer of wrath), and other wrath

Hello guys,

I have been playing around with weak auras and i have it set up so i have my health, my HoPo generation and several of my abilities monitored. I have inquisition and sacred shield timers and icons and i have my little orbs for my attacks with the cd countdown for when they are on cd.

What i am not sure how to create is something nice for Hammer of Wrath. I would like something that will have it light up when its usable (just a colored orb) and then when its on cd there is a timer that counts down.

Given that it is usable when the target is at or below 20% health OR during avenging wrath i am not sure how to set that up.

Can you help please?
Given that Hammer of Wrath will not be usable automatically when under 20% or Avenging wrath, just create a trigger that is based on Status, Action Usable, type the spell Hammer of Wrath and check the Require Valid Target.

For a timer aura, I would guess for your trigger: Status Type, Cooldown Progress (Spell), Spell would be Hammer of Wrath. The timer shouldn't display when it isn't usable since it has no cooldown then.

I will test it for sure a little later and get back to you.

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