Please help! My DPS is really screwed up!

Before you continue reading it would be best it you look at my armory and read my stats.

I am really confused right now. I was just doing around 16k or so dps. I would crit around 22k. I was trying to level when I accepting a quest to slay something somewhere (not important). Anyway, as I was going to do the quest, I noticed that my dps was 4k. Out of nowhere it dropped significantly. As of now I am hitting for 3k and my crits are around 18k. I've asked people in my guild and people in Orgrimmar and my guild for help and most people are rude or either don't know how to help. Just to make it clear, I didn't level. I've been level 88 for 6 hours and am half way to 89. I can't get to 89 with my dps this low. Can someone please leave some info on why this is happening? I would greatly appreciate it.
Is your gear broken?
My gear is perfect. It's at 100%. Here's the other post that have some people helping me but nothing's working.
Try reforging out of haste dodge and parry into hit/exp and check to see if you are doing the rotation properly.
Is it the quest where you kill those mantid with the thick shells? If so all you gotta do is roll flaming barrels into them to weaken them. I was on the same quest at your level and I thought something was wrong with my dps also.
Try getting to level 90 first. Going from 85 in super inflated gear to 90 in gear that's beyond crappy will make your performance as a sub-90 or fresh 90 look crappy.
Get rid of all dodge/ parry and replace with hit and expertise until you reach the 7.50% cap on both. After that, crit and mastery. Arms and fury are pretty similar in that regard, don't know the haste recommendations of the top of my head for arms, but it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

Edit: also, if you have the gold, find a blacksmith and buy some armor/weapons off of him. Spiritblade Decimator is a good choice, especially with your racial, and they can make some pretty good leveling gear for you, too.

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