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Can a well geared unholy please tell me what there average DPS is? I have thought i knew the rotation, but with my ivl, i think i should be pulling more than 40k. I also follow noxxic and icy veins rotation almost exactly.
are you using the gear you are in now in pve? its missing a lot of gems and enchant which can add a huge amount of stats, probably increasing your dps by a good 5-10k.

but to answer your question, i raid with a good unholy dk (ilvl 502 orc). and from our most recent raid, he did

90305 dps on H Imperial
79924 dps on H blade lord
144455 dps on H Garalon
368632 dps on H wind lord
This is my main alt, so my gear isn't too high; but I've done all of normal MSV on this toon, and most fights I was round 65k. The only 2 fights where I was a little bit higher were elegon, and stone guard. I believe on Elegon I was at around 95k(didn't have add duty :D thankfully), and stone guard I was around 80k DPS.

As far a Heart of Fear goes unfortunately I've only been able to get this toon into the first 2 fights :( On normal imperial Vizier I pull around 55k, and on blade lord around 60k.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I had worst gear than I do now last time I went to HoF on this too
I've been unholy since wrath for the most part, maybe a few months sparingly as frost. Most common mistakes with any dk spec is rune mismanagement, you may be doing the rotation right but managing your runes/runic power badly. Make sure you aren't using double death runes on festering strike, or really any death runes on festering, only blood/frost runes. Looking at your gear you are in full pvp with very few gems, under hit and exp caps, that's going to hurt your dps a lot in any spec. If that's not your main gear, make sure whatever you do wear is hit/exp capped and then follow the start priorities and the proper rotation.

Here are some of my logs from last week doing normal 25m Terrace and most of Heart of Fear.
http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/euyrdzc50uhz16rp/ Leishei and Sha of fear I off tank for but the others are dps.
You really need to do normal raids at least. LFR parses and dps meters are totally useless since 99% of mechanics are ignored; and most fights are just a cleave/zerg-fest without 10 sec raid countdown.

But if your pulling only 40k under LFR conditions you need help, for starters unholy snapshots diseases and you roll them on the target as long as possible. "Relic of Xuen" and "Orders" trinkets are bis for unholy.
look up supaprodigy (frostwolf) as far as gems an chants an what not

and icy veins is great for quality info
(by no means am i saying that my dk is elite lol but he does blow most dps out the water in lfr/flexs that i run in so im just sayin its a good jump off point to base ur stuff off of until u find the way u want to do urs)
good luck

and boo noxic
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