WW pvp?

My monk is currently level 67, and I mostly do PVP. While I love my rogue, I'm looking for a little bit different of an experience in monk.

I wanted to know if 5.2 reaps good changes for monks, and if they will be viable. I get sad every time I read these forums because everyone just says how bad they are. I'd really like an honest answer from someone about the current state of windwalker monks in PVP.

I'm going to be doing mostly 2's, 3's, and rated battlegrounds as a WW monk.

inb4 stick with your rogue, you'll be op in 5.2
There are currently a few people above the 2.2k mark in 3's and rbgs as WW, and these numbers had been on the increase as the season wore on likely due to the fact that people were concentrating on their mains before working on their monks (myself included).

5.2 brings some decent changes to WW, though not quite as many buffs as you may have heard elsewhere on the forums due to the constant QQ causing abilities such as ring of peace, spear hand strike and chi wave to get nerfed. However, our new mastery is going to be a start in terms of how we are getting a bit of love as well as our other damage buffs, chi wave costing no chi, nimble brew (2nd pvp trink in case you didnt know), tigers lust costing no chi as well as touch of karma costing none, paralysis changes as well as the new glyph.

But most importantly the fact that cc is getting tuned down, namely warrior cc, is going to be a huge help. In 3's we will likely be pretty good, maybe not as good as rogues, but pretty good, and in rbgs we will likely be about as viable as other melee, maybe slightly more because of ring of peace but still unsure.

WW all and all is getting buffed in 5.2, not quite to the extent we were originally, but buffed none the less. With other melee getting tuned down and us getting some buffs, we will be doing pretty well with our high sustained damage.

This is like half opinion half factual so take everything with a grain of salt.
If the buff to chi wave would have stuck, I probably would be pvping on my monk instead of my rogue. But since the lvl 30 talent tier is complete garbage on live, and will be 14% of an insignificant heal.

Heres what happened to me the other night in WSG. I and another horde were killing this Frost DK, when i see that my health is dropping fast. Im getting nuked by a mage and hunter, luckly i pop my defensive cooldowns and try to gtfo of dodge. I FSK and roll and also tiger lust, had to use all my mobility since i was still getting hit from across the field. im at a real low on health, but managed to get far enough away. Now heres my problem, i spend all my energy getting three healing spheres that arent healling me for squat, a chi wave that i wonder if it did anything at all, and then expel harm which is the only useful heal imo. Then rogue comes out of no where and one shots me.

This would be understandable on my rogue, recoup heals for crap, and i have to bandage all the time. But as for a hybrid class that has heals, I think im better off with the rogue when it comes to survival. Other hybrid classes dont seem to be having that problem, but i could be wrong.

Point is... If i wanted a dps class that cant heal, I would stick with my rogue. I'm not expecting much from the monk in pvp for 5.2.

Hoping that blizz wakes up and fixes monks for pvp before i get tired of playing. been 8 years for me, and I was looking forward to pvping on a new class. Maybe next patch, but not holding my breath though.
WW pvp is a lot of fun, takes some time to get use to which makes it more rewarding. The rolls / serpent kicks / flying fire blossom change the way the game feels. Overall it's great, I'm undergeared as hell, and my spriest partner is not even in pvp, and we still win by outplaying people. It's definitely worth leveling, and in 5.2 nimble brew and dampen harm in stuns will really help us out.

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