Souls. Rise of the Demon

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
Everyone in Stormwind were about. They were quite pleased. But they didn't know that today wasn't going to be a normal day. It was in the dawn. Summer. Since the Mists that enshrouded the vast land of Pandaria were blown away by vast airships of the opposing factions, adventure filled the air. The mantid with great effort tried to destroy the Serpent's Spine, the Mogu worked to take back Pandaria, it was glorious. But it will change. A man named Maxmillian Shadowburn was oddly not a warlock, a harbringer of destruction and chaos. He roamed the city of Stormwind, and wanted to visit the catacombs. When he visited the resting place of the dead, a demon appeared behind him. He turned around, and locked eyes with the demon. The demon chuckled, and then cackled. "A visitor? How quaint, I receive them rarely. I will grant you power, but you must create a pact with me. I will show you immense power, for your soul. You will inhabit another body." Maxmillian thought quite hard on this, and agreed. "I...I shall accept your off...offer.." Maxmillian felt nothing, and then, purple magic spiraled around him, placing his soul inside a great demon. When the people of Stormwind looked up, they saw dark purple skies.
Not wanting the demon to escape Stormwind and one day reach Silvermoon City. Lor'themar Theron dispatches his Blood Shinobi.

The Blood Shinobi arrive at Stormwind to find the demon wreaking havoc. Being an enemy to the alliance and to the demon they decide to burn Stormwind to the ground. They split up and begin lighting fires around the city while slaying any alliance that get in their way.

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