We are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If it's a girl add "qt" on the end of any given name and if it's a boy either an "x" or "z"
Name him BigDawg McNiggly.

It's classy, timeless, and just a powerful name.

If it's a girl, go with MC !@#$lebutt, the thurd.
They bleeped !@#$le?

j i g g l e?

Ugh, naming new alts is always hard.

Daryl would be proud.
If you're seriously having a kid, don't name her/him after anything in Warcraft or a video game please. Think about your child and the shi t they will get for their silly name.
Yes plz think of the child! NAME IT ME! ...if its a female.

Hingle McCringleberry
name him goku when he grows up he will save the world
Personally I like the names Ronald, Calvin, and Dylan. But the choice is yours.
Male: Thrall
Female: Alexstrasa
Oh for a boy..... Anduin.... !!
This is an odd thread to bump. OP might have already picked a name. Either way...

If it's a boy, name it Mordecai. If it's a girl, name it Olivia.

Those are names I would pick for the children I'm not going to have, just because I like those names.

Of course you could go with Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way. (I'll see myself out)

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