We are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Girl: Marjane, Melrose, Amelie, Alizee
Boy: idk ;P
"Dad, how come you do everything mom asks you to do?"
"That was the deal, son. I do everything your mother asks for the rest of my life, and I'd get to name you."
"Was it worth it?"
"Yes it was Arthas, yes it was."

Boy: Cameron, James
Girl: Samantha

I like those names :)
Ariana, not after me exactly its just a cool name
02/27/2013 09:23 AMPosted by Nethaera

I know what you're trying to do...

Make a copy, so that you can eventually rule the world with a army of Nethaera's!

First they'll take my newspaper, then my cat, and then....my toaster!

Guys, we march for Blizzard HQ tonight! we need to stop her plans of world domination!

"Train set topples over"


What goes around comes around

Curses... foiled again!

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