We are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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02/27/2013 07:27 AMPosted by Lastfantasy

The Bible?
the anime show

Yeah, no.
Do it right. Start by naming this child Greed. Then with your next one name it Envy. Now to finish this plan you will need 5 more children but the result will be glorious. Continue down the list, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, and Gluttony.

Now to complete the plan you must raise them all to their namesake. For example, give Greed everything they want and Envy NOTHING at the same time. Sloth you can chain to a bed and Wrath beat severely for no reason. Gluttony you can just put at the kitchen table and feed while Pride should be coddled and put as #1. As for Lust, well, you can use your imagination there. Do this and you'll still be better than 50% of the parents out there anyway and will be the talk of the town!


I adore you. And they can call you Father in that endearing way only a homuculi knows how.



Pat cuz it works with both sexes.
Murloc :D
Kevin Bacon...

works for boys or girls
Congrats for the new baby.

Gabriel is a nice name. Thats the name i gave to my son last december. :) And you can also take it for a girl Gabrielle.
02/27/2013 08:11 AMPosted by Skyotter
Kevin Bacon

Pure win.

Everything with bacon in it is.
Please, please don't name her (if it is a her) Renesmee. Saw that one recently on a baby and felt so bad for that poor child.

Stay away from gimmicky names and cutesy, unique spellings (remember it's a, e, i, o, u and SOMETIMES y).

Either way congratulations
Jaina doesn't sound too bad for a name, they wouldn't get teased about it because it isn't as weird as some.

For a boy I'd suggest Arthur.
02/27/2013 06:44 AMPosted by Lastfantasy
my wife is going to have a baby soon any suggestions on a name? :)

Because you dont know the sex...

02/27/2013 06:52 AMPosted by Gødforbid


That would be horrible.
GRats man!
BTW, call her Aeris if a girl, and Vergil if a boy.
Stay away from WoW names, for the love of your child. I have friends who named their daughter Onyxia (middle name though).

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