Enlighten 10/13H-10/14N recruiting


About us:

Raid times for our core group are Tues and Thurs at 9pm-12:30am with optional Mondays for clearing if we want to progress. We offer free repairs, flasks, food buffs, vent, and take videos our raids. We also do break down analysis post raid reports so you can rank as a player against the world’s best. Our guild is a level 25, 7 bank tabs, vent, website, and our own raid videos.

We transferred from Lethon. Prior to our transfer, we were the number one ranked guild on alliance for over 2 years. We cleared all heroic content and most of that was done before major nerfs. We raided only 9 hours a week and our team turnover rate was about 1 player every 6 months. Essentially, we had been raiding with the same people for 3 years. What happened? The server died to the point we could no longer recruit talented players to continue for heroic progression. We transferred to Korgath to start over.


What we expect of you:

You should have a great understanding of your class. We can gear you up quickly but player attitude is most important. Personality, kindness towards others, flexibility, and understanding that we work for guild progression just as much as player progression.


Please, if you are experienced or exceptionally skilled undiscovered talented player, please talk with us so we can get you involved with our guild.

Our current needs: Tank(non-pally), heals, or dps.
Classes we don't have in raid currently are monk, druids, warriors, and we may have replacements for 5.4 so please talk to me if I didn't mention your class.

Please apply at our website and click the Apply now link to start on a short application or contact Lamontiego, Speedwagon, Allocution, or Udielol for more information.

Thank you:

Lamontiego (GM)
Still looking for qualified people. 5.2 is just around the corner and we need pro's. We plan on just progression focused and no farming till all heroic content is cleared. Come talk to me.
Still Recruiting...., I am looking for a really good warlock, mage, or shadow priest. Any dps class should contact me. Even if it's not in our core group, we have a 2nd team being developed.
We added a new team, We now have 2 separate groups, not alts, running. I know they are looking for a tank and healer DPS. They prefer monk or druid.
I would like to see a warlock, mage, leather tank, dps DK, Resto/boomkin druid, Ele/resto shaman apply.
Definitely interested. Will contact in game.

*EDIT* Resto shaman/mistweaver monk with preference on the former.
Azuulon, please contact me and lets explore some options
Still looking, warlock, mage, leather tank, dps DK, Resto/boomkin druid, Ele/resto
Still looking
Wtb new raid times :)
Still Looking :)
We need a paladin healer and warlock for G1 and shaman for G2
Still need good dps.
Still looking
Our current needs: Tank (non-pally), Hunter, Non Cloth DPS (no rogues) and a DPS w/OS Heals
We are now looking for just DPS. I would like to talk to a geared hunter, warlock, monk, DK, or Warrior.
Still looking
Wadup, message me
I no longer raid with these guys since they changed around their raid days, but it's guild worth checking out for all those who are interested.
Still looking

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