Fairly new to 90 Frost PvP

Death Knight
Hello! I've recently started doing some battlegrounds and hope to gear this character up. I got a couple questions. Do we use death coil? I have a macro that casts it on myself for lichborne heals but would you use it any other time even if we have howling blast? Also, I heard 2h frost is better so how should I be gemming and what are my stat priorities? Thanks alot :D
I was reading a lot of threads recently saying that unholy will be better in 5.2. Are the stat priorities the same for frost and unholy or will I need to reforge each time I switch specs?
Unholy's stat priority is this: Mastery > Haste > Crit
2H Frost's stat priority is this: Crit > Haste> Mastery
DW Frost's stat priority is this: Mastery > Haste > Crit (same as Unholy)

All are for PvP of course. It you really want to play Frost for their burst, its a good choice, but if you want to bide your time and kill a Warrior effectively, play Unholy. I like both specs, just I like Unholy a ton more.

I find Unholy better against Warriors, because I can stack 2-4 necros on the warrior and apply a Soul Reaper and Death Strike to save yourself for the 6 sec SR tick.

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