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Area 52
<We Might Be Raiders> is a casually serious 25-man guild that balances real life responsibility with raiding. We will be celebrating our 3rd year as a guild in a few months and looking forward to the new tier. Don't be fooled though. With our light requirement of in-game time we adhere to rules used by more serious guilds. Raid time is strict and a certain level of performance is required.

Raid Days Times
Tuesday & Thursday - 10 EST to 1AM EST

Attendance Rotation
To facilitate our requirements outside of game and to maintain a healthy roster, we carry 30 raiders with no bench. Instead we rotate 6 groups of 5 with one group being stand-by per week. So every 6 weeks, your group of 5 is on stand-by and fills in for any AFKs or technical issues that may arise. After using this system for over a month, it has worked out where we rarely are forced to sit someone on standby. AFKs happen and with our casual schedule we feel we are prepared to make sure everyone is on even footing as far as gear and play-time is concerned.

To accommodate those that are sitting out that week, we have a Sunday night (10pm EST - 1am EST) run with the stand-by members and geared alts as a 10-man. This night has also worked out extremely well and allows us to keep everyone active.

Current Needs
(1) Healer - Paladin, Monk, or Shaman

The spot we are recruiting for has just had their week off so you'd come in having 4 weeks in ToT before you're on standby. Even then, we'll have the 10man ready to go.

Please contact Moboborson or Brimbar in game, email us at wmbraiders[at]gmail.com, or our web site http://we-might-be-raiders.wowstead.com
We are now currently recruiting a dps and a healer.
Bump, looking for some great additions to our team
Still looking for the right fit.
It's a shame you I won't be ready for raiding for a couple of weeks. I just re-activated my account and still want to raid, but the 12-16 hour raid schedule was murder.
Hit us up when you're ready. we're always interested in future options as well.
u guys still looking for a rogue?
Yes we are.
Updated. We are now recruiting a healer or two.
We are still looking for any non-druid heals, monks of any spec, shammies, and rogues. We are currently split into 2 10m but will return to 25 when we have the dependable raiders to do so. Please contact Haveabanana, Alkaline, or Mauiwowy in game or on the website: http://we-might-be-raiders.wowstead.com
/bump for all you new xfers
What's your ilevel requirements? I just came off a break and your raid times are perfect. I'm currently 3/13H on my main but would like to start raiding on this Pally healer. I guarantee I play at a much higher level than my current ilevel on this toon.
The attendance rotation is a pretty cool idea. I might steal that :)
Do you have a need for a 511 Resto Shaman? I have HEALED 5/12 in tot. I am 2/13H on my hunter and 11/12 on my lock. I know healing is a bit different but, I know the mechanics of all the fights for healers as well.

Bolts#1168 if you wanna chat. i'll be on tonight.

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