PVE frost help

I spent some times on the forums but i still at a loss if my main stat is mastery or haste or what? and also rotation. Totally new to mage. please help thank you.
Your main stat is Haste. Don't worry about Mastery.

Haste, haste, and more haste.
In PvE, haste is the spec's sole concern. If you get into super serious PvE gear and you want to remain faithful to Frost, consider raising your crit to 25% and cutting it there so Shatter makes it a hard 100% on everything but raid bosses (shave 3% for that), but other than that, all you want is haste. When stacking mastery, you do it so that your burst is really mighty, but in doing so, you have very imbalanced damage, and on raid fights as they exist in Mists, your dps will sag.

If you ever make your frost spec a solely solo PvE thing, then mastery does get good, such that you can gib mobs in short order. But that's the only PvE exception.

Icy-veins should get you on track


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