Casually Serious Group 3 is Recruiting 16/16N

Casually Serious Group 3 is recruiting skilled, well experienced players for our 10 man group. We got a late start to the expansion but have already down 16/16 with 3-4 PUGS at any given time. If interested in joining our group for 5.2 head over to our website and fill out an app or post in the thread linked below.

Currently Need: Dps and a Healer (pref druid)
Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Sunday 5 server.
Guild Website:

Direct link to thread of interest:

Feel free to message me in game as well.

I am a bear tank Looking for a new home, What are your raid times/days? Are you looking to get into Heroics before the expansion? I will be on later tonight if you want to chat def intrested if you have need for a leather tank.

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