Best RP Add-On these days?

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What RP Add-On is everyone using now? I haven't updated mine since MOP started ...
My favorite so far is still TRP2, even though the creator is no longer updating it. (Suredo wish he'd let someone else take it over because it's a great addon!)

Second place would have to be MRP.
I use MRP and Tongues. Both simple and easy to use.
I use MRP and Gryphonheart Items.
MRP for sure, it's straight forward, easy, well made and not filled with a crap ton of unnecessary stuff like TRP2

I personally would advise against tongues as well as most people use it to speak languages they would never be able to speak lore wise or give themselves horribly bad accents.

GHI is pretty good as well.
I have a petpeeve against Tongues for garbling speech.


Because even if someone can't understand the characters may be able to infer from tone or body language things like the mood of the speaker. As a player we can OOCly infer these things by reading the posts.

When an addon like tongues garbles that text, it takes away a tool others can use to interact.

So !@#$ tongues.

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