[H] Evangelion Heroic progression recruiting

Emerald Dream
Hello, we are a newly transferred guild from a very dead server, after taking a several month hiatus due to lack of attendance on our low pop server. Our core has been together for over 4 years, in which time we have completed all normal raiding and most of all heroic raids at time of relevance.

We are looking to pick up new people from ED, raiders, casuals, and pvpers to begin building our ranks and become as socially active as well as competitive with other guilds. Our main focus is pve, but we are into wpvp and arena as well.

Current progression: 16/16 1/16H T14, 1/12 T15

We are currently recruiting for our progression team 1 of the following:
* Resto druid/Mistweaver monk/Resto shaman

* Warlock/Hunter

Can help work with you on faction or server changes.

We raid tues/wed/thurs 8:15-11pm CST. Recruiting more for another weekend raid group, and wpvp/rbgs as well, hit me up in game, or battletag myself or my officer at valentine#1129 or deededee#1339
I'm tempted to faction change. A bit early for me, though.
We are now recruiting a raid healer, shaman, druid, or monk OR hunter/warlock dps for normal/heroic progression through ToT, 16/16 T14 1/16H, 1/12 ToT(only raided 1 night)

battletag me valentine#1129

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