Tank LF Raiding guild.

Howdy do!

I am looking to start raiding again (Horde or Alliance) since there is seriously nothing else to do, I raided quite a lot in Cata getting 11/11 hm, 7/7 hm and of course 8/8 hm.
I came into MoP late after hitting 90 and haven't really raided aside from pugs.
I am highly experienced and reliable and will always come prepared and try my best at any task given.
If you need an app written or wish to ask any further questions, please add Moist#1582

Good day. x
Bump for Moist xo
I ate you with a h. :3
Hey mate, Avenger could use an exceptional tank to replace our RL, which would allow him to reroll dps. You can get most if not all the information you require from our website. If we interest you please feel free to leave an application.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me in game.

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