Rolling a Paladin.

I'm going to be rolling a Paladin because they've always intrested me. Haven't really been up to date on you guys and have been wondering how you've guys have been doing as if this patch. Not doing it for FOTM, I have no idea if you guys are better off or worse off next patch and you can tell I don't care how bad you guys are or good because I'm playing a Rogue right now. Fill me on some insight.
From a Ret standpoint, we don't have the DPS of a mage or warlock, but we aren't gimped, at least not in hroics or LFR. I usually top damage in heroics and stay within the top 5 on LFR boss fights. Even when I don't top the charts, my DPS is at least respectable. The main problem with damage is that it relies heavily on cooldowns, so if you pop them at the wrong times, your damage will suffer immensely. Ret has a wonderful feel to it. With low haste, there is the occasional time where you don't have anything to press, but that happens less and less as you gear up. I'm no expert or anything, that's just what seems to be happening for me.

From a PvP standpoint, I couldn't tell you, but from what I hear Ret is pretty bad and Holy is pretty great.
Personally I'm not a big fan of this holy power rotation. I liked how things were before Cata came out. Having to rely heavy on burst damage and deal with slow CD's can wear on your nerves. For rets we ain't bad but we're not great either. If your plan is to aim for top dps in PVE, I wanna wish you good luck.
As far as pvp goes with ret, if you look up glass cannon in the dictionary we should be there. That however doesn't mean don't pvp as ret. I still give some players a hard times dressed in full pve gear.
Second on the "I have no buttons to press right now". I'm gearing prot before ret after coming back a month ago, so my ret gear is lacking, and sometimes I am fishing for something to press. But that is a good thing in my opinion. I'd rather have a tad of downtime than have eleventy billion keybinds.

I'm not a big fan of holy power either. Work up to three, only to spend it on inquisition, work up another three, get a TV in and repeat. Divine purpose procs are awesome, but man that proc rate is sad. I'm disappointed that Divine storm takes 3 holy power and only does 100pct weapon damage vs crusader strike that generates one holy power and does 125pct. I find our AoE in heroics lackluster. Of course, seems all classes had AoE reduced during my time away, except for lolBMpet cleave.

As for BG's. I have fun with ret, but it's not an in your face game. A good ret fight is "oh, that warrior is beating down that lock, I'll run over and heal or bubble the lock, freedom him and help finish that warrior off. We are support. We can dish out some awesome damage during CD's, which is pretty easy to do in random BGs. But if you try it in arena or RBGs, you'll be CC'ed and focused down, because people know what you can do if given the freedom.

I love my paladin, and will play him even if he is not top notch in anything. (I refuse to heal, I do not find it fun) Prot is fun. I've always preferred tanking. Some say paladins are easy mode tanking because our rotation is so flowing. I like to worry more about awareness to boss mechanics and my teams health status than I do worrying about pushing a million buttons.

Day to day stuff is cake with a paladin. You can solo almost anything as prot. You can pull as many daily quest mobs as you wish with prot. Do not do that with ret, however, unless your CDs are up. But ret during dailies is beginning to get easier as I obtain more gear.

Summary, if you like playing support, the feeling of healing someone in a pinch situation and saving the day, keybind friendly tanking, soloing old content with ease and just shining like a bright star, roll a paladin.
Since you didn't specify which spec you wanted as a primary, I'll give you a little tid bit from a holy main point of view (even though it shows holy as my secondary spec). If you are planning on main specing as holy, I wouldn't suggest taking this role until lvl 70. Lets face it, you're gonna want the 5% int bonus from wearing plate, so here is what I did and it worked really well for me even if its a bit grindy. Level as ret and do a lot of BGs on the way (even if you hate pvp) to save up honor. I think you need about 2600 honor and you can buy every single piece of lvl 70 brutal gladiator gear. This includes the non set epics and wep/shield. You will now have a full set of plate holy gear when you hit 70 and your heals will be off the charts between 70-80 dungeon content. Two reasons this is a good idea is leveling as holy is terrible since healing plate doesn't really drop until wrath content, and its going to give you a powerful set which will help a lot when you're learning the spec.

That concludes my 2 cents on a holy pally gearing plan. As for the spec itself, if you want to heal, we're not the greatest AoE healers, but we can def pack a punch on single target healing and get some interesting passive talents and abilities to support this. Managing Holy power is key to Holy, and you can accumulate up to 5 at higher levels which helps quite a bit. Im not going to get into all the details of Holy spec because its fun to learn as you go without being told everything, but if you want a fun perspective on healing, I'd def give it a shot.

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