MA app can't load female Pandaren models?

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The Mobile Armory used to load all models of all races/both genders just fine until about a week or two ago. Whenever I try to load the 3D model of a female Pandaren, the progress bar hits about 75% and then the app crashes. Male Pandaren load just fine, and so do the females of all the other races.

Anyone else have this problem?
What device model, OS version, Mobile Armory version, and network carrier? Rooted?

Pandarens have the largest 3D models, as far as file size. I'm not entirely certain why it would be females only, however, because they are smaller in file size than the males.

If you load a lot of 3D models, it is known that the app may slow down and either fail to load additional models or close the application. This, however, is entirely dependent on the device being used, and is mostly true for older devices. If it is not a device issue, you may need to clear some room.
This is still a problem with newer phones. I have a Samsung Galaxy, Android 4.04
All my characters load except Pandaren. "Error occurred while retrieving character model" After that I can still load other characters. It's not a full memory problem. Version 6.1.0

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