Ret PvP healing in 5.2

Rather disappointed with it. Looks like WoG now does 14-17k healing when you're in PvP combat, and FoL does around 30-40k when in combat. Out of combat WoG heals for about 40-50k, and FoL heals for 70-100k, but self healing isn't based around removing oneself from combat to heal, especially not for a melee class.

In conclusion: With the nerf to self-healing in PvP combat I die far quicker than I used to, and it's a bit depressing after being told they wanted to fix ret healing.

Anyone else having similiar thoughts, or am I just crying over nothing?
(Keep in mind I am seriously not trying to be a troll).

Have you tried using PvP Power instead of Resil? Your heals should be affected by PvP Power, so you might notice some more oomph with it. Try it out I would say - well unless you did.
Thank you for the quick response and the suggestion. It's something I've been considering. I'm not the best paladin out there, so I'm usually cautious to change without being told by others to do this or that. Still, if I'm going to be serious, gotta do my own experimenting.
Our self-healing was buffed across the board.. not nerfed.
Have you used your WoG and FoL in PvP yet? While an enemy was ramming their blade down your throat? I am saying that the 30% blanket nerf to healing feels as if it overrides ret buffs. I am literally seeing 14k WoG, where yesterday they were 30-40k, which while still not very good, is a far cry better.

EDIT: To make myself a little clearer, in my first post when I said the nerf to self-healing in PvP, I was speaking of the nerf to over-all healing in PvP, which is the passive Battle Fatigue, and is now 30% from 15%. Not really a self-healing nerf, so my bad.
Most of the morning, yes.

The 30% nerf has been in place for months, your healing today is higher than it has been for months.
I see, I had no idea it was in place already, that's my bad.
Then no offence, but maybe just MAYBE you should check these things before you complain. Personally the healing feels higher because it is obviously, but I'm not seeing the 280k heals that people say are possible yet. My FoL heals around 200k crit with wings in pvp, maybe because of battle fatigue. Either way 200k crit is a good strong crit, a bit high for a "sometimes" instant cast offheal.
PvP Power is the way to go, even with the 30% debuff.

Our healing was buffed today and I immediately noticed that little extra oomph from being full pvp power gemmed as opposed to resil.
Not going to lie, ret heals are pretty weak considering what ret has from offensive to defensive. Training the ret will be the strategy for almost every comp. Rets choices for comps are minimal to. Ret Mage X / Ret Hunter X/ Ret DK X/ Ret Feral X/ that is all that is glad viable atm.

As long as your match is short, around 3mins, you should have a good shot at winning. Even though now that warrior isn't a god class anymore, warrior still seriously counters ret due to mortal strike and overall up-time. I am sure we will see more people running with a warrior over a ret. Looks like another season of Holy to me, once I have more gear for my ret set I'll have a better idea of just how good ret is. I plan to run ret with one of my paladins anyway.
My heals are actually pretty impressive, even while stacking resilience. 90k WoG crits, 115k FoL crits, 70k Holy Prism crits. These numbers go even higher with cooldowns up.
The only thing Rets really need at the moment is sustained pressure. /thread
Resil is still probably the best stat. Our heals feel much improved. Ret in general feels much improved.
I've noticed a strong improvement in my heals, especially when the Guardian is out or Wings are up. It's still pathetically bad when an MS is applied though. Warriors are still tough to duel because you can't kite them like other melee classes.

I also could be imagining this but has anyone else noticed an improvement in their heals when Inquisition is applied? I know it says 30% increase in holy damage, but I feel my heals are stronger with it. I'll have to test it more.
I am loving the heal buff feels like I am playing a pally again. We stand a fair chance now..wish we had a bit better dps but hey can't have everything...
You must suck then, I average 60% power now with the 2 piece bonus after CS and I have hit high FoL's up to 135k and wogs to 80k
Yeah, after a lot more combat I've seen the same crits you guys are talking about. 100-150k. It's only when I have a warrior/hunter/rogue on me that the healing goes down to 60k.

Freezing, the only thing I can think of is that it also applies a 10% increase to crit chance, so you may be seeing bigger heals from that? But it doesn't sound like that's what you mean by stronger.

EDIT: I've also switched my gems up a bit to go PvP Power instead of PvP resil, not to mention I finally get my JC only PvP gems which is a nice 2-3% increase in PvP power. It's a good time.
wouldn't str increase healing more than power since we only get what 50%(?) of the effect of power for the heals?
it's 25% snowing. yes main stat would be better over Pvp power for raw healing, ret heals are poor if you or your target has a healing debuff, otherwise they are solid. Don't expect to tank with them though. I recommend going with Resil>pvp power>Str. Pvp power is still better overall for dmg
ok good to know...
i like to random bgs as a ret healer so i may go for str anyways (after resil of course!)

i usually have insight up and use all my HP for WoGs and judge on cd for selfless stacks

i even glyph battle healer... its fun out-healing healing specs:)
As a long time solo RBGer I've noticed a good bit of difference in my survivability and burst. Two thumbs up

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