90 talent ideas

I am not a fan of the 90 talents, I usually pick the one that least annoys me. Here is how I would fix them.

Get rid of the damage bonus to all and make Rune of Power baseline. It would no longer replace evocation.

I would change the talents this way:

1. Fiery Invocation- replaces evocation and in addition does X damage to all enemies within 10 yards. For every one sec of Invocating raises crit chance by 1%(max +10% crit chance), lasts Y amount of secs. Fiery Invocation can be cast while moving.

2. Arcane Reaction- (passive) empowers Arcane Blast, Fireball, or Frostbolt to explode on crits dealing 50% damage to all enemies within 10 yards of the target (target take full damage). Passively increases mastery by 5%.

3. Icy shield- Absorbs X damage, increases haste by 10% while shield is up; haste lasts an additonal Y seconds if the shield is destroyed or dispelled.
Be careful when designing talents that provide stat bonuses like those. It makes it far more cookie-cutter which spec takes what talent. Not any more fun, in my opinion. >:I

As long as I'm here:

Nether Void - medium cooldown spell
The Mage tears a rift in time and space for 20 seconds. The rift initially exists on the Mage, but when cast again during its existence, the Mage can target a new location for the rift to travel towards (this can be done as many times as desired). The Nether Void deals damage to enemies in its area of effect, and this damage increases the longer it is dealing damage before dissipating.

Unstable Crystal - medium cooldown spell
The Mage compresses magical energy and plants it over the target. The element of its damage corresponds with the Mage's specialization. The resulting crystal exists for up to ten seconds (affected by Haste), and for every second it is up, it has a 10% chance to detonate, dealing heavy damage in an area of effect. This chance increases by an additional 10% for every second it has not detonated, guaranteeing the trigger by the end of the duration, and for every second it is up, the area of effect of the damage increases. If dispelled, the crystal does its damage only to the target, but then echoes this damage on the dispeller.

Ice Prism - low cooldown spell
The Mage calls down a mass of frozen vapor as a prismatic focus. He/she can affect the Prism with all damaging spells. All attacks the Mage makes on the Prism do this damage to all enemies in a 10-yard radius in such a way that the damage applied to the Prism is distributed evenly to everyone. Critical hits on the Prism deal their damage in a 15-yard radius. Ice Prism exists for a moderate duration or until cancelled by the Mage.
(Might consider the ice prism counting as a Frozen target, since Shatter is a passive for all Mages and that'd be hella fun if you ask me)
Oh, here's another idea, one with a lower skill threshold because i can't stop thinking of crap:

Detonation - spammable
The Mage ignites the air at the target location, dealing (fire damage equivalent to Arcane Explosion) in (Arcane Explosion's radius). The site of the detonation leaves residual energy in the air for up to ten seconds, and casting Detonation grants the Mage one charge of Sparking Air. When the Mage has five charges of Sparking Air, any enemies standing in the residual energies take another Detonation's worth of fire damage, and the energy dissipates.
(Lots of explosions and you don't have to get in people's faces to do all that AoE!)

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