Roadrunners[H] 25 Man 14/14 Heroic SoO

Guild Recruitment
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More Heroics to come! Did you're Donkey break down Rick /duck
Eeeeeeeeeeey! /fonz

Fast raid week was fast, need more recruits to smash some more!
Need a few Great Core raiders! Come chat with us!
Come to our server and chat with us. Still looking for a few Great Core Raiders!
Nother raid week give me lootz
LFM Great players!! Need a few great players to join our roster. We are working on Heroics now! Come join the fun.
LF a Great Pally Tank. We need to fill this spot ASAP. Come chat with me on our server. I'll be on most of the day on and off.
Hersheys is also good to chat with any interested raider at any time. He never sleeps, and speaks in the third person.
I heard of Hersheys speaking in Tongues. It sounds pretty cool. Come listen to it.
Still looking for a few Great Dps. We are looking for Long Term, Loyal guild members. Add me or come chat with me on KJ
Still looking for a few Great Range to add to our Core Roster!! come chat with me.
2/13 LFM Great Players!! Come chat with me!

I took a break last 3 months for school, came back and guild called it quits moving forward. was 12/16h last tier and folks just sorta gave up and put more time into League of Legends. I am quite interested as your times are very nice for my avail. I've played my mage since vanilla and have been raiding since mc/zg days. Would love to chat
Come raid with that sexy beast Pssycho!!
All of Thunder Kings bases are belong to us
Where the hell is my Hair at on my profile picture..... I'M NOT BALD.
come raid with our awesome priests :))
From the windows to the wall till the sweat drips off my........pancake mix
We hope to recruit
A mistweaver to heal things
Who loves fun to boot

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