Roadrunners[H] 25 Man 14/14 Heroic SoO

Guild Recruitment
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More Heroics Bosses shall fall next week!!! Come join the fun!!
Recruitment ups! We want healers, mistweaver, holy paladin, app, yo.
Hershey sings Kid Rock. Come listen to him for free. And Yes!! Great players please app or come chat with us! Mistweaver and Holy Paladin would be nice!!
I heard there were Mistweaver Monks, however I have yet to see 1....
3/13 Bump. More Heroics soon to follow. Looking for a great healer. MWMonk preferred. Holy Pally would work to. Come chat with me.
I will be on and off most of the day. Add me or come chat with us.
Crow needs moar contact info!!
UP an' up, recruiting awesome healers. Whisper anybody online in guild and they'll point you in the right direction.
O Mistweaver's, where are you?!!! Looking for a Great healer or two.
Moving on Up!! Yes, in progression!!
Bamf, to the top^
Still looking for a Mistweaver!!
UP and up! Looking for healers and (gasp) a tank! An awesome tank.
Looking for a few Great Players!! Need a OT (DK or Brewmaster prefer)
Still need awesome players!
Looking for a few Great players!! Need some Range DPS and Heals
bumpity bump bump
Still looking this fine Morning. Need a Great Plate Tank!
Bump for a Brewmaster, Prot Warrior, Blood DK.

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