[A] <Borrowed Time> 10 man Recruiting

We are a 10M raiding guild and are looking for players with a high level of situational awareness, knowledge of your class, and promptness/preparedness for the raid night at hand. Attendance is absolutely key to earning a core raid spot within our guild. If you cannot consistently make our raids on a weekly basis (all three days), it is unlikely you will earn a raiding spot with our core. You must pull your weight to be considered for core.

Raid Times
• Saturday 5:30 - 9:00 ST
• Sunday 5:30 - 9:00 ST
• Monday 5:30 - 9:00 ST

(Invites go out 15 min prior to raid start so please be online and ready)

Current Needs

Guardian Bear

Ranged Damage Per Second (DPS):
Shadow Priest

Please feel free to apply even if your class is not listed in our recruitment needs.

Guild Contacts

Shrylee (GM)
Jocho (CO-GM)
Jora (Officer)

Website: http://btguild.com
Bump for a Rogue!!
Bump for current needs!!
bump ****updates****
bump for Breaker kill
bump LFM
bump for DIRE need of a MAGE!! 490+ Please
Bump NEED Tank!
Still LFM. In need or RPDS and an AGI Tank.
bump for updated needs....RPDS GO!

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