39s Thread of Rapid Escalation

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http://49pvp.com/qlist/ use this link whenever you que for a wsg. it shows on a website that you are que'd.

The 39 bracket has had its highs and lows. Activity seems to dwindle when new expansions or some major end game content is released. There are times where just the community that is active has thwarted the fun that we all were seeking when entering the battlegrounds. Those are days of the past because the future has brought us new toys and ways to play as never before. Below are more than enough reasons for you to fire up that 39, retool your gear, and enjoy some great times that are in store.

“Well, my character doesn’t have updated gear, so what should I do?”

Head right over to Scholomance, Uldaman, or Dire Maul, and those places will have all you need. If you have other 39′s on your real id list, you can invite them and go destroy any dungeon on the list. There are heirlooms that are great, and if you have the option of getting those, there are nothing but positives from it. But if it is out of reach, there are items in the 39 bracket that are just as good and even better as dungeon drops and quest rewards (caster heirloom weapons are the best, and head slot is best with green lens now old suffixes are craftable). If you want to find some ideas and armories of things people are currently equipping, you can find some of those here http://twinking.net/the-39-conspiracy/.

“Is everyone enjoying playing their 39s?”

So far for weeks now, we have had games pop on Wednesdays. The sides are balanced and have great participants. Old school 39s who have recently qued say it’s the best that they have seen in a long time as far as balance between classes. I feel that after playing over 15 matches since Mist of Pandaria was released, that it is the most balanced I have ever seen the bracket. All classes are hitting this equilibrium with each other which allows for engaging combat. Maneuvers and timing have become key to winning. Sure the damage is great, but so is the base 40% resilience that everyone has. It gives the bracket a nice flow, and in most situations, you don’t have that explosion of damage where your health is gone instantly. Of course, you get exploded if 5 to 7 players burn you and time it appropriately. This is what makes returning flags somewhat tough because a FC plus 2 healers can make things tough for 5 (easily delaying a group of 7). Sure, if the group of 7 crowd control well and use great judgement when they combine the hard hits, they can very well defeat the guard. With that being said, there is still the chase to be had. The flag in the hands of a great “running flag carrier” can extend this dilemma for the opponents.

“I havn’t played in months/years and I don’t know if I want to pay to get it going yet”

No worries; just let us know here in the comment section, and it’s possible to send you a scroll of resurrection to try out. I do believe if you check your email, Blizzard has sent 10 days free to everyone in the past weeks. This could give you the ability to get on the WoW battleground forums to say, “Hey” in the 39 thread, get real ids from players or post your own and get some new friends who find the 39 bracket to be exhilarating. You can add me at Kripplin#1712; just make sure to send the name of your 39 twink, so I can note it, or let me know you’re interested in making a 39 in the bracket. It doesn’t matter what realm you are on now. Battlegrounds are cross realm and all you have to do is queue at the designated time with your xp gains turned off. You’ll be back in action just like the good ole days.

The 39 community is thriving in a way a lot of the other brackets are not. The bickering and quarreling is over. Everyone just wants engaging games with a back and forth struggle. Lessons from the past have taught us the right way to move forward. If your returning, come for the fun, the great battles, and enjoyable camaraderie.

“Remember upon the conduct of each depends the fate of all.” – Alexander the Great
Keep it civil, children
Would just like to say hey to everyone o/

Fresh 39 ret anxious to get some Exp-off action when I finish getting gear/chants. Looking forward to meeting ya'll! :D

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