[H] Firetree, Shadow - Wed and Fri nights NZ

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Need one or two players to complement our lineup. Not pushing any boundaries, we're a casual raiding guild as we have been since vanilla. Just need some options ;)

Don't need to give us a full time commitment but I always reward those who do.

We raid Wednesday nights at 9:30pm NZ time (usually 2-3 hours) and Friday nights at 8:30pm NZ time (4+ hours).

Not too bothered about what you bring, holy paladin, mistweaver monk or holy priest would be good but really anything flies, we are adaptable.

Firetree, Horde. Guild name is Shadow

If this sounds like a bit of you then either head to our website at http://shadowscourge.guildportal.com or jump on Firetree and drop me a line, look for anyone in Shadow with the prefix "slo"

Cake and pie.


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