Shan'ze Ritual Stones from Rare Spawns????

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So far I have 6 stones. I recieved 1 from a 'rare' chest and one from a rare spawn.

I then recieved 4 from the solo scenario (Only dropped from the harder to find "Golden Chest") not the yellow and red chests sitting all over the place. Maybe I am just really lucky?
I looted one key from a random chest in the Court of Bones. Received a second key from the final daily goody bag. Ran the solo Treasure Room scenario twice in a row and walked away with all 3 summoning stones, ~800g and I capped my 20 Elder Charms; all for roughly 10 minutes of work.

I ran that Solo Scenario 2 times this week. One key dropped from a troll and another from the cache. It was super sweet.
I got a key from Haywire on patch day and then got another key from the Ancient Trove quest reward yesterday. I haven't bothered trying to get another today but, I really don't see it too beneficial to do everyday with only a very slight chance at a piece of gear of LFR quality. Yes, a druid in my guild did the scenario and got an agi neck from the scenario that you can get from the LFR.
So blue post says one per week from looted creatures how is it that my friend has earned 2 keys from trash mobs?
So just to clarify, you can get ONE stone from rares per week. Meaning that you kill 5 rares and you can only get one stone, not one stone per each rare, right?

What about troves? Only one per week?

If so, what are the other sources? I know random mobs, but that's really low chance. The solo scenario, but you can only do that once a week right?

Anywhere else?
What are the other sources for keys and stones besides rares? Because it seems like once you gotten your one stone for the week, you're pretty much AFK until next Tuesday.

I got a Stone & a Key both from a chest.
The weird thing is, everyone is going to chase the rares for their stone drop on Tuesday and Wednesday, with much less activity spread out after that. Maybe that's what Blizz wants, but it seems odd for extending content.
The only problem I have with these ambiguous loot rules is that gathering as many keys as possible is currently required for raiding because you can get Shado-pan Assault Insignias from the solo scenario. I've seen it drop and know many others that have gotten it.
I dont see it as required really but im not one to really rush a rep like that. I would just like to know the drop rules at least as the blue post has still left me confused as my friend has now gotten two keys as a drop from a non elite and one from the red summon stones on the isle of thunder. So the one per week from creature drops dosnt really make sense.
So the one per week from creature drops dosnt really make sense.

Blue stated the key and stone only drop once per week from the RARE elites..not the chests or trove chest you get at the end of the daily quest or the normal hard is that not to understand now....see these two words...RARE ELITES.
I think what they're trying to say is that you can only get ONE off a creature (including elites/rares) from the Isle of Thunder. Once you get a drop from a CREATURE, you can no longer loot it from any of the creatures including rares for the week ... but you can potentially get it from other sources. For instance, I got a second key from the treasure box at the end of the daily quest chain.
03/06/2013 06:22 PMPosted by Holsety
Just to clarify on drop chances for ritual stones and keys, you can only obtain one Shan’ze Ritual Stone from an Isle of Thunder Rare Elite per week. Similarly, you can only obtain one Key to the Palace of Lei Shen (aka treasure room) from an Isle of Thunder Rare Elite per week, assuming you haven’t already found one from another source on the island.

What if I did find a key from another source though. Is it only one per week regardless of source?

Edited because it appears I'm wrong. I was under the impression you can only do it one per week, but apparently that's not true if you're lucky enough to find a trove.
I, for one, think that it was smart to do it that way. They are trying to tell people to slow down, enjoy the patch. Stop trying to finish everything all in one week. Its just nuts.
It would be nice to be able to actually loot the rare mobs!
I've gotten 1 key from a mob and 1 key from the daily reward bag on this char this week, capped elder charms easily, as well as getting 6 ritual stones. It's awesome.
Wow I should probably kill more rares then. The two keys I've gotten (on separate toons) were from the end daily chest and a chest on the isle.

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