<Vanitas>; Assimilating Antagonists!

Wyrmrest Accord
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The Word of Vanitas! Go look it up!
All the way to the top.
Bump for possible allies in the future. We'll have to see.
Aye, we need as many allies as we can get by this point. ^_^
Early morning bump
*sips his booze*

Always one to make a scene. *gulp gulp gulp gulp*
A scene?

No, we just crush the hopes and dreams of those damned Confederates into the realization that their little war against us is in fact too costly to uphold. They will then wish to talk peace to us, and that will be the end of that...Maybe. We'll see, we may get bored.
Late night bump.
Mid-Afternoon Bump.

Join us and you'll receive +5 to your Propaganda tactics.
My main is interested. What time of day are you active? I am on the east coast.
Well, tonight I'll be available at around 8:00 - 8:30pm EST. You can contact Uthibar, Atris, Ihcapnek or myself. They'll most likely be on earlier than me. Hope to see you soon!
Didn't you all have fun torturing people yesterday ^.^ Hurrayyyy!
@Immer: On week days I can be seen on at various times. But I'm on frequently and as well as Atris. Atris is most most most often seen on in the early mornings, and I'm often seen on later at night. I'll add you to friends and we can chat when I see you online. ^_^

@Kaldenn: We're not sadistic, I swear.

@The Cap'n: Late night bumpin' yer thread.
Going to stop by and give this thread a tap.
And again.
Oh, hai there.
Didn't you say you were quitting?
Guess not, bump btw for you lot.

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