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Aerie Peak
Hey AP,

It's been a long time since I had a chance to look into this, so my knowledge of Aerie Peak's more casual scene is sorely outdated. Does anyone know of any non-raiding focused guilds that are looking for new members?

We often get applications from folks who for one reason or another wouldn't be the right fit for us, but who seem like good people who could use a home. I'd like to be able to point them in the direction of a team that sounds like it could work for them.

Any information you might have would be helpful, but in particular things like longevity or peak play times would be useful for matchmaking purposes. :)

Thanks in advance!
Pretty Sure thats what CTR #RandomBossName is for.
Well, I think mega-guilds can be a lot of fun for the right people, but others might feel lost in that kind of a crowd.

I'd love to have a sense of the smaller casual guilds that have popped up since... well, I guess Wrath was the last time I really looked. >.<
Tabula Raza is a casual social guild as well.

We are a fairly small guild...very social and with lots of pvp'ers and a dedicated casual raid team or two.
Thank you. :)
Tabula Raza is your best bet, good people.
You can also tell them to check out Immortalz. We have a good group of people and are building pretty quickly. No serious raid schedule and our GM's really help those who want to get involved. We don't have a website or anything but they can add me or message me in game if they are interested.
Outlanders also has a nice mix. We a raid group that goes Fri/Sat but we also have players who are just interested in levelling and socializing.
Midnight fire is a very active, family friendly, casual guild. We do some raiding but not everyone does so those who want to give it a shot now and then have that opportunity. We do not allow swearing, discussions of politics or religion.... the latter to keep drama and angst to a minimum. We have been around for about 6 years and have just under 500 members.

Thank you for the replies!

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