(A)Bara no Senshi (10) recruiting all players

Bara no Senshi (lvl 25, 16/16) is a newly transfered guild that has been together for 8 years. We're recruiting a skilled warlock, hunter, or ele shaman (Pref for viable healing OS) for our main 10 man progression group for Throne of Thunder. Raid times are Tues/Thurs 6:45-10 server. We are also looking for all roles and classes to restart our 2nd Thurs group. Also accepting all other mature and competent players.

We recently transferred from a dying server with our core players and are looking to expand our ranks. All mature players of all levels are welcome. We were among the most active guilds on our old server frequently running older tier/Xmog/Achieve runs. We were the first Alliance level 25 guild on the old server.

For more information please whisper one of the guild leaders: Leneigh (GM), Tomkat (Co-GM), Medicia (Co-GM), Gavin/Rydener, Zathris, Zazur, Scellus
Welcome to Sargeras!
Thank you!
Bump :D Looking for a OT for our second group :3
Still looking for players :D
As of 3-30-13 here are some specific roles we need to fill:

Group 1 4/12 TOT runs Tues. and Thurs. 7pm to 10 pm server looking for a non priest healer.

Group 3 (working on tier 14 content to gear for TOT) runs Thurs. and Sat. 7pm to 10 pm server looking for a tank. Prefer non pally as our other tank is also pally but won't say no to one!

There may be a spots for sub dps, healers and tanks for all 3 groups.

Always taking people looking for a home, or future raiders.
Even if you dont love me no more. Ill still bump it. :)

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