Change to Glyph of Templar's Verdict

Not that I'm against the change, but doesn't if seem that all they did was make an arguably mandatory glyph more mandatory? This should just be a baseline ability.
Sometimes, we just have to have idiot checks!
Same thing for glyph of Blessed Life in PvP. Perhaps we'll start seeing other more useless glyphs be buffed into something like "oh man I really want this...but I also want this!"

This type of glyph should be the standard, not the exception.
Glyph of TV should be baseline, yes. I suggested putting it under Sword of Light, or creating a new passive called Sheath of Light (could move the healing bonuses here as well). "When you spend 3 holy power, damage is reduced by 10% for the next 6 sec."

Whatever, though. While it sucks to be left with only two glyph options, I'm glad our defenses are improved.

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