Acceptable Losses Recruiting (10M)

We are looking for other adult players that want to raid, and do so twice a week.
We raid WEDNESDAY (9-12 eastern) and THURSDAY (9:30-12 eastern).
We have a demonstrated success of killing raid bosses dating back to Karazan.
We have 1970 Guild Achievement points (in & out of top 10 on server).
We have all the common amenities: Level 25, Every bank tab unlocked, guild repairs, etc.

For the purposes of raiding, all you need to do is show up ready to raid. All consumables are guild funded (Flasks, Feasts, & Potions)

We have had "9" raiders every week and just missing a 10th consistent player. If you're an adult player wanting to play with other adults we're a very good team to run with.
Wind Lord

All down in a single week?

Yes, sir. Garalon and Wind Lord on Wednesday; Amber-shaper on Thursday

What happened?

"10" people showed up ready to raid.

While we do acknowledge this happened after a nerf, it's still pretty significant to see three first kills in 2 days. Most exciting raiding for us to date. It was nice to have "10" people actually show up.

Additionally, we are trying to add a Sunday night raid. This is very new to us.

If you are constantly spamming LFM in trade chat, think about merging in and actually raiding on time.
Last week, 27 and 28 March:
Empress, all 4 in Terrace, and 1st boss in ToT = Dead
We had 10 solid.

We were looking to build on that and progress through ToT lastnight, but our MT was missing, along with a healer.

We are looking for either a tank or a heals to fill the inconsistency.
Whisper Wazulus or Jaweko if interested
We are having inconsistency at Tank.
I think we have the heals figured out, although that may mean more TeS or even HoF than any of us want to.
But with that said, we'll do what we need to do.
If you're a tank looking for a home and have MV/HoF gear, now is the opportunity to join up and hit-up TeS.

Last week we cleared TeS and 1st boss in ToT in one night. This week nothing.

Consistent and non-emo tanks wanted, and no doubt we'll get back into ToT.
We raid on Wed and Thurs from 9:30p - 12am
We really could use a Tank and 2 Healers (one with a DPS offspec). A Shammy would be awesome (we need heroism!.... and err um a target for my Symbiosis, I'm really missing Spiritwalker's grace) but most classes will be considered.

We raid Wed and Thurs from 9:30p - 12am. Flasks and repairs are covered. All we ask is to read up on boss fights, gem, reforge, enchant properly, and pull your weight.

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