I miss affliction like it was back in cata

I'm not having anywhere near as much fun as I was in Cata.
(this is mainly about pvp, not claiming glad/r1)

My personal gripes are:

Malefic Grasp - Having to channel for damage sucks. (I don't mind having some dot pressure removed, don't know how to balance this without shadowbolts lol)

Coil - Not being baseline.

No 'stance dancing' between Fel and Demon armor.

Kil'Jaedans cunning - Best talent in the 90 section but I don't want to use another bind for a stop-casting macro.

Haunt - Using Soul shards is weird, much preferred when it had a CD.

No self healing outside of talents - I would gladly give up Dark Regen for Haunt and old Siphon Life/Corruption.

Aura Mastery/Unending Resolve and Unbound Will are nice without the amount of burst and silences in game, but meh, I don't know.

Pets seem squishy.

Soulburn SoulSwap isn't needed.

I miss glyphed Shadowflame for the 70% snare.

Well, I think that's about it.
I'm not going to comment on your preferences in gameplay, but I do want to address one thing-
You can Glyph CoEx for a 70% snare, and although it gives it a CD, you can circumvent this by using soulburn. Soulburned CoEx is applied as an AoE effect, and is on a seperate CD than normal CoEx.

How are you finding affliction for PvE?

Thanks for the input. I can't really forgo any of my current glyphs though. I might just give the lock a rest and play my mage.
I also don't like Haunt the way it is now. CD was way better, made it feel more special

Affliction for PVE is, put bluntly, a little overpowered. It's being brought back down to earth a bit in 5.2, but will still be very strong.

Like I said, I won't comment on your playstyle preferences. That's unique to each person, and there isn't anything I could say that would likely change your mind, nor should it. That said, I do think it's a little silly to pine for a glyph whose functionality already exists in the game, and then suggest that you don't have room for the glyph. Remember that what you originally complained about was a glyph as well- you'd have to forgo a glyph anyway to use something that us arguably inferior to what is available to you on live.

Well affliction was all about spread damage. I'm not sure how it parses at the moment for single-target fights.

That came out wrong I guess. I would forgo the soul shards glyph if haunt didnt require it.
I miss shadowflaming ppl and then being able to kite. Also the fact we have to channel Mal grasp to have decent damage is dumb as hell. Give affl back shadowflame, make our felhound hit for wat it did in cata, scrap mel grasp, and take away haunt using soul shards and ill be good. prob would be a lil op but yea.

This ought to give you a decent idea of Aff's performance in a PVE setting. Be aware that it's not a perfect representation, but it's an aggregate of a LOT of WoL parses.



Soul shards glyph is going baseline in 5.2. Don't forget that soul shards are for more than haunt as well, even if haunt is a primary consumer.

This is what I'm sad at, we used to be able to choose whether soul shards were used for teleports, instant pet - resummons, or healthstones. Now we're forced into haunts and instant application of dots, or the glyphed CoEx with a soulburn instead of something that shouldn't have been taken away. Put portal back to 40 secs or w/e.

As for the rest of this entire thread- I'm just going to shake my head. Peoples preferences are their own, but my gosh, try to punctuate your feedback with a little more than "X sucks lol i like Y", and at least try to demonstrate an even passing knowledge of what you're complaining about.


I specifically noted that this was more aimed towards a pvp environment and you don't seem to have done much of that which makes your last sentence a little ironic. So take a deep breath brah.
Personally, I like using a channel for filler instead of a hardcast--loved it with drain life. I just don't like what our current channeled filler is--a veiled nerf mechanic to our multi-dotting capability. I'd be much happier to see our dots and malefic grasp stand on their own, and for malefic grasp to have some other secondary effect to make it special.

As for soulburn soulswap, it actually does feel necessary, but soul swap by itself is a wreck, and has been a wreck the moment it was added.

And don't forget Soul Harvest. Of all my cata spells, I miss that the most.

Everything else though, I agree.

Affliction was great in wrath, great in cata...and then Blizzard took it behind the shed and silently put it down. They tried to replace it with something else that calls itself affliction, but I know better.

Yesterday: Drain the life from your foes. slowly destroying their soul with powerful damage over time spells.

Today: Slowly sacrifice your own life while juggling a bunch of damage bonus gimmicks to bring your weak damage over time spells up to match those of other classes.
I like it, but I'd rather have Finger of Death than Malefic Grasp, everything else is the same, just make it look like Finger of Death.
I think you meant you missed affliction like in 3.0? =)

Ahh, the days of casting, CoA, Corr, UA, SL, Immo, managing haunt, and STILL expected to keep shadow embrace up?
I think you meant you missed affliction like in 3.0? =)

Ahh, the days of casting, CoA, Corr, UA, SL, Immo, managing haunt, and STILL expected to keep shadow embrace up?


But yeah, tying Haunt into using a resource was dumb.
You're not alone man :(
The changes they made to afflction for MoP were one of the things that made me feel less hesitation with going healer this expansion. Of all the lock specs currently my least favorite is affliction due to its rng resource generation.
rip Eradication. Affliction has always been my favorite. Back when it was SM/Ruin, UA, wotlk aff, even Cataclysm aff. Today, it's just.. boring.
It's always pinker on the other side of the glasses.
I want drain life back
I miss demonology the way it used to be, but it's OK. I am getting used to the new way.

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