I'm confused here

I find that I'm crunching higher dps by using scorch to fish for heat up procs, but everyone else is saying i'm suppose to be using fireball. Is there something I'm missing here?
You're low level, so anything is possible. Low level spell co-efficients make no sense and cause all kinds of whacky things to happen while leveling. If scorch is better right now, it won't be in MoP levels.

For a more in depth analysis:

Fireball has a 2.25s cast time and a 150% SP (spell power) co-efficient.
Scorch has a 1.5s cast time and a 83.7% SP co-efficient.

So breaking this down Fireball does 66.67% SP per second and Scorch does 55.8% SP per second.

Spells also have base damage though, which doesn't matter so much at high levels because you gets thousands of Intellect (I'm currently sitting at 18,970 INT and 27416 SP self buffed) so that base damage is going to mean a lot more when you're leveling, since your gear is usually 2-3 levels beneath your content AND only green quality.
Oh, so basically nut up and wait till max level then I will see the light?
03/02/2013 12:59 PMPosted by Donai
Oh, so basically nut up and wait till max level then I will see the light?

Basically. Like I said, weird stuff happens with spell co-efficients at low level. Spinning Fire Blossom for Windwalker Monks deals 2x more damage than Blackout Kick between Outland and Cataclysm for example. There are lots of anomalies like this while leveling.
In the same way, when I was leveling my Ret a few weeks ago, Exorcism was able to 1shot most enemies up until Cataclysm zones. Scaling is just hella weird.
At low levels mm hunters used to just spam aimed shot, even with the huge cast time it was a dps boost. Now spamming aimed shot does nothing.

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