Whats the Best Race for a Arcane mage?

Doing a race change and i dont know what race it better. (horde)
Pure min/max I would probably say a gnome for the mana increase I guess...
i'd say either goblin (better sustained dps) or troll (better burst dps)
03/02/2013 09:34 PMPosted by Elementstorm
i'd say either goblin (better sustained dps) or troll (better burst dps)

but still dwarfs are more sexy! ;]
Troll for beastslaying. 5% free damage! Oh and berserking is good too.
Undead because.
Blood Elf.

I hear they're addicted to the Arcane magics.
Troll for sure. Berserking is a great cooldown and in 5.2 we get 5% free damage from beastslaying on a few of the bosses(score!)
Multiply the Worgen racial several times over and it's still probably worse than Troll on a beast boss, lol
gnome for arcane troll is second

anything else is basically troll lmao
03/03/2013 06:18 PMPosted by Obbi
gnome for arcane troll is second

I don't have numbers offhand, but the gnome racial got nerfed with fixed mana pools and all. Supposedly the bonus it provides is inconsequential, so it's just 340 hit rating basically.
Yeah, and Worgen get 600 crit rating and Pandas get 300 intellect (with 300 food). At least 340 hit amounts to something, better than nothing, but still pales in comparison to Troll. They get berserking, beastslaying, and 1% hit on top of that if you're a hunter. It's nuts.
The correct answer is Gnome.

They have more mana. That means that your 100% Arcane Blast hits harder than it would as any other race. It means that if you continue your exact same rotation based on your percentage of mana, you'll have an overall increase in damage on every single attack that you do.

Gnomes also have the same sword racial as humans with extra expertise from swords, and they also get extra expertise from daggers, which humans do not. For a PvE Arcane Mage, Gnome is superior to all the other races.
You specified horde, so its going to be trolls from a pure DPS perspective. Then probably Orcs then Goblins. 400 haste rating of Goblins doesn't really compare with Berserkering or Blood Frenzy which can both be stacked with Arcane Power and used with Alter Time. Trolls and Orcs are probably pretty close, but with Beast Slaying you'll get the advantage against any boss fight involving Beasts which pulls troll ahead. There's always at least 1 beast fight (this tier it was Stone Guard, Garalon, and Tsulong).

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