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Recently certain websites (Seems to be that it is blocking all websites that could give me an answer to the problem; Facebook, Youtube, Google, bing, and a few other websites i could obtain a fix for this problem on.) (I would just google a fix, but it blocks google and bing and other search engines.) have been "blocked" by an unknown source. I log on an it reads: Notification - Blocked website for the title and the body reads similar to

This website has been blocked for you!
This website has been blocked because of your recent activity. Your actions have been marked as spam bot like, to visit this website again follow instructions on the left. This is made for security reasons. Please take your time to go through the verification process to restore you access to blocked websites, thank you for your time!
Steps to access this website again:
1. Click unlock button below
2. Pick survey to verify that you are human
3. Complete survey
4. Continue using this website

I do not understand as to why this happened overnight as i downloaded a big file: Adobe Photoshop. I had just bought this Photoshop product because i wanted to mess around and have fun with its features.

When this "blocker" comes up it says "Click the button below and complete this survey to verify that you are human." I have ran a full system scan with my Norton Security Suite antivirus software and nothing came up. I don't understand why it would say my behavior is "Bot-like" Because i have been using my computer only for gaming and The new Adobe Photoshop program i downloaded.

Please help, I would ask everywhere before here but is blocked and almost all other websites that could give me a fix. I would GREATLY appreciate it if somebody could help me out here.

Sounds like a virus I had twice on my computer. It just locks up your computer and tries to scam you into paying for anti virus software.

I had to reboot my entire system while a friend used his computer to fix it. I'm not a tech wizard so I don't know all of the steps involved.
Sounds like a trojan or malware, if you can get to try getting spybot to scan your system.

Failing that you may have to roll windows back with a system restore to before this happened.
Do you have MalwareBytes or another anti-malware program installed? I hope so.

Boot in safe mode
Run MalwareBytes
Sounds like a virus OP
I have done a full system scan with my 200$ Norton Security Suite and nothing was found with my system. This scan took close to 2 hours to complete so that shows that it was a very thorough scan.

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