Auction house temporarily unavailable.

Mobile Bug Report
Installed the mobile app and logged on. The message Auction house temporarily unavailable keeps showing up. Also the character icon in the bottom right says error 99% of the time. Then when it does display my gold the aution house message changes to encountered an error handling this request.
Any ideas?
Im using a transformer tablet.
android version 4.0.3
New patch hit the main game. Their may require a update / en route, or it just needs a bit to get all together.

In both cases, just wait a day or two.
In both cases, just wait a day or two.

Or three or four?

Not trolling, just started using this a couple weeks ago and it's been unavailable since Monday. It's Saturday now. Is this normal?
The Mobile Armory has had some hiccups with the latest patch, but I've confirmed that it is working. Let me know if it's not working for you.

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